MBA Education Consultant in Kolkata

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After completing their undergraduate degree, many new graduates face the next big challenge in their educational path: deciding whether or not to continue their studies and complete an MBA. And they have good reason to be skeptical. Graduate studies can be quite expensive, but in the long run, the benefits of holding an MBA far outweigh the disadvantages. Increasing Demand There is high demand for MBA graduates. According to the QS Intelligence Units 2016/17 annual survey of employers worldwide, there has been a 13% growth globally in jobs that require an MBA degree. The countries with the biggest markets for jobs requiring MBA are the U.S., India and Brazil, with the majority of openings within the finance, consulting and technology sectors. Just take it from Dells university relations and diversity manager, Maria Crab-tree: by hiring MBA with expertise in specific areas, we know that were bringing in team members that have had the appropriate training necessary to add value and succeed.


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