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IELTS coaching in Gurgaon is the best at the coaching institute of Dezinecareers. Best option for professionals and students going abroad for work or study

Tips and Tricks

Under the guidance of an expert coach, you can prepare yourself for the IELTS Reading test. Apart from rigorous reading practice, you also need to ensure you work on your time management skills. You will be given 60 minutes to complete your IELTS Reading test. Ensure you devote not more than 10 minutes for the first passage, 15 minutes for the second passage and 20 minutes for the third passage. The remaining 10 minutes are crucial for you to keep spare as this is the time that can then be peacefully used go through the answers and make all necessary corrections.


Do not open the questions paper until you are asked to do so
Do not forget to write your name and candidate number in the space given for the same
Do not skip reading the instructions and ensure you make an attempt to answer all the questions
Do not waste time on any question that takes more than a minute of your time. You can return to it later
Do not use a pen and do not carry any separate answer sheet. Use a pencil and use the answer sheet given to you
The opening and closing paragraphs are important as they will give you a gist of what the passage is all about
Mark all important figures / names that you come across as you skim through the passage. This will help you save time while answering the questions

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